Motor Vehicle Accidents with Deer

There are approximately 1.2 Million auto accidents with a deer each

year.    The number is surprising and way too high.

Unfortunately, and not unexpectedly, some of the accidents result in

death.  Because of the size of some deer, the collision between a deer and a

vehicle can result in death to the vehicle’s occupants.   There are

approximately 150 deaths and 10,000 personal injuries as a result of these


Certain states have the majority of deer accidents.   Particularly, most

accidents occur in the Midwest.

Although not always involved in an accident, white-tailed deer are the

species most likely to be in an accident.  But deer accidents can happen

anywhere that deer are located.

The estimated cost of deer related accidents is $1 billion.  Most

accidents occur between 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  during the months of October to

December.   Typically, the accidents happen during mating season.

Unfortunately, there is little evidence that deer whistles work.


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