Eviction Moratorium – Connecticut Law

Recently, a Federal Judge held that the federal stay on evictions was unconstitutional.  That decision is stayed, pending appeal.

Connecticut also has a moratorium, which stops many evictions.  The internet link to Executive Order 10A can be found below.


Several things to consider

  1.  The order extends the Eviction Moratorium, preventing evictions in many cases.
  2. The moratorium applies to a “dwelling unit,” – where a person lives.
  3. An exception applies for a serious nuisance – although not defined, commonly this is very loud noise or illegal activity
  4. There is an exception where there is a “serious nonpayment of rent” – which is defined as being late for at least six months worth of rent due on or after March 1, 2020.

I am staring to encounter evictions in which a tenant is over 6 months behind on rent payments, and is in the middle of an eviction process.  Typically the tenant has lost a job, and has been unable to pay the rent, so the rental  past due amount increases.   This pandemic situation started over 1 year ago, so it is not surprising that tenants are over 6 months behind on rental payments.

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