IRS Form 1099 Cancellation of Debt Income and Mortgage Release

Particularly in the case of a second mortgage, a lender may send a Form 1099 to a taxpayer/mortgagor, to report cancellation of debt income. In effect, a lender is reporting to the Internal Revenue Service, that it has written off the loan as uncollectible for tax purposes.

Many taxpayers who receive a Form 1099 mistakenly believe that with a Form 1099, the taxpayer is automatically entitled to a Mortgage Release.

However, the truth is different.

  1. The Form 1099 is issued by the lender so that it can take a loss, for tax purposes. This is a tax issue.
  2. A Release of Mortgage is given when a mortgage is satisfied. The filing of a Form 1099 does not automatically release a Mortgage. The Mortgage remains a lien on the subject property.

In order to get a lien release, a taxpayer/mortgagor still needs to negotiate with the mortgage holder to obtain a Release.

(Note, in many cases, a mortgage is assigned/transferred to a third party “assignee.” The payment needs to be made to the assignee).

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