Property that is Exempt from Execution – 2021 Law

On July 12, 2021, Governor Lamont signed Public Act 21-161 into law.   The law changes certain amounts of property which is exempt from a judgment creditor.  (the exempt prevents a judgment creditor from selling exempt property).

The major changes are as follows

CGS 53-352b (10) Up to two motor vehicles to the value of
seven thousand dollars in the aggregate,
provided value shall be determined as the fair market value of the motor
vehicles less the amount of all liens and security interests
which encumber  them;

The number of motor vehicles protected increased to two, from one

The value of the equity protection increased from $3,500 to $7,000

(the equity is the fair market value of the property less any lien including a lien against the vehicle)


CGS 53- 352b(21) The homestead of the exemptioner to the value of  two hundred fifty thousand dollars, provided value
shall be determined as the fair market value of the real property less the
amount of any statutory or consensual lien which encumbers it, except
that, in the case of a money judgment arising out of a claim of sexual
abuse or exploitation of a minor, sexual assault or other wilful, wanton,
or reckless misconduct committed by a natural person, to the value of
seventy-five thousand dollars; and

The general homestead exemption increased to $250,000.   For many debtors, this will protect the full value of any equity in a residence.


CGS 53-352b(20) – provides an exemption for the cash surrender value of any life insurance policy (with limited exception).


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