Negligent Security

In a negligent security case, a person is injured as a result of a violent act. For example, a person is attacked in a car lot, by an unknown assailant.

An owner or someone in possession of land has a duty of reasonable care, to prevent a foreseeable act of violence against someone on its property.

The injury may happen in a variety of places, including outside a bar, restaurant or commercial business. Similarly, the attack may occur inside a business, or in a parking lot.

In a common situation, a business owner is aware of a history of assaults at or near the business, but fails to use reasonable measures to protect people coming into or leaving the business.

For example, if there was a history of assaults outside of a store, in a parking lot, and the store owner fails to have adequate lighting, the owner may be held responsible for an assault of a person in the parking lot.

Similarly, in an area which has a high incidence of crime, a property owner would normally be expected to have adequate locks on all doors, to prevent intruders from entering a building.

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