Many people have obtained policies from private insurance companies, in the case of long-term and short-term disability.    The policies can be obtained as part of an employer’s fringe benefits, or directly from an insurance company.

Some disability policies provide for payment when a person is disabled from his or her “own occupation.”    These policies are more expensive because insurance payments are made if you cannot do the particular tasks of your “own occupation,” even if you can perform work in another occupation.

Other policies define “disability” more narrowly.  A policy may only pay in situations in which “you are unable to work in any occupation for which you are qualified.”

To properly evaluate a disability claim, you and your attorney need to review the full policy, particularly the language defining the term “disability.”

Unfortunately, I have seen situations in which insurance companies have made it difficult for an insured to collect on a disability insurance policy.   A claimant needs to provide proof of a disability, as defined under the insurance policy.

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