Train Collisions and Railroad Accidents in Connecticut

It is not only the weight of a train, it is also a train’s speed, which can result in a tragedy.     Train accidents can cause massive amounts of damage to people and property

A train accident can result from both mechanical failure and human error.  The accident can result in serious injury or death to a train passenger, or someone in the way of a moving train.  

For example, a train conductor may be going too fast to negotiate a turn on the track.   As a result of the excessive speed, the train can derail, resulting to death to many passengers. 

Also, a train Grade Crossing Signal may fail.    In these situations, a driver of a motor vehicle may cross a railroad track at the same time that a train is passing, resulting in a horrible collision.  

Another example is a bus ignoring a stop sign at a train crossing resulting in collision.  

Sadly, there are too many examples of train accidents, which cause unnecessary death and destruction.   Wikipedia has a list of these accidents under “List_of_rail_accidents”     

If you or someone who know has been involved in a train accident, please feel free to contact

Attorney Robert M. Singer

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