As the weather is getting warmer, boaters are ready to get out and enjoy the outdoors.   Boaters need to keep safe to avoid accidents.  There are many causes of accidents.

  1. As with motor vehicle accidents, alcohol is a major cause of boating accidents.   Drug use can have a similar effect on a person’s ability to safely handle a boat.
  2. Boaters need to slow down.   Traveling fast increases the risk of an accident.
  3. Operator must focus on driving.   Perhaps it is easier to fail to stay focused in a boat, than in a car.    Boaters are out to enjoy the day.  A boat driver needs to  be alert at all times.
  4. Drivers have to view all of the surrounding area.   A boat can be headed to an area in which there is not a clear view ahead, resulting in a crash
  5. A boat driver needs experience to keep safe.     This is no different than a car driver.  More experienced drivers tend to have less accidents.
  6. A boat can fail.     A boat is a machine, which needs regular maintenance.  Protect yourself and your passengers, with a maintenance schedule.  Have a good boat mechanic.
  7. A boat can be hit with the force of a wave, or a wake from other vessels.    A boat driver needs to be aware of causes of waves, and of other surrounding vessels.
  8. Weather changes are dangerous.    Always check weather conditions, and expected weather conditions before going out.   When in doubt about the weather, stay indoors.
  9. Hazardous Waters.     The more boats in a particular area, the more congestion, and the greater likelihood of a collision.

Similarly, there are areas which are hazardous because of shallow water, or rocks.    A boat driver needs to know the area in which they are out boating, to prevent an accident, due to the natural contours of the water area.

Stay safe and enjoy the Summer.  If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, please feel free to call

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