As the weather is getting warmer, the motorcycles are returning to the ride. Motorcycle drivers need to drive with caution, to avoid accidents. There are certain types of common causes of accidents.

1. A car turns left in front of a motorcycle.

A car does not see a motorcycle. Therefore, a car turns left, which causes a collision.

A motorcyclist needs to look out for a car, in an intersection, who is turning. In addition, watch out for someone coming out of a parking lot or driveway.

2. A motorcyclist hits a slippery item on the road.

A motorcycle can suddenly hit a spot of gravel, and lose control. Other common types of slippery items include leaves, and horse dung. Anything that is slippery on the road has a potential to cause an

3. A motorcycle rider goes too fast into a corner turn.

There are many lessons on how to ride through the turn. However, to be safe you need to slow down as a rider.

4. A car turns into a motorcycle’s lane.

Oftentimes, a car driver does not see a motorcycle, as the motorcycle is in a blind spot. A motorcycle rider needs to determine where a car’s blind spots are located, and ride defensively.

5. A car hits a motorcycle from behind.

Keep the motorcycle visible. Make sure all lights are working properly. With bad weather, particularly fog, it may be too dangerous to go for a motorcycle ride.

Remember to wear appropriate colors for clothing: high viz jacket. A motorcycle rider wants to have himself or herself stand out.

Where possible, a motorcycle should stop in front of a car which is already stopped. The stopped car can be protection against a rear end collision.

6. Unsafe group ridding

You have a group of motorcycles out riding, and one rider suddenly stops, and causes a collision with another rider. All riders need to work together to protect each other. Have a plan for group riding.

7. Rider hits too hard on the front brakes.

Motorcycle riders must learn to properly and effectively use both the front and the back brakes.

New technology gives motorcycle owners the ability to buy a motorcycle with ABS.

8. A car opens its door

A motorcycle is being driven near the side of a road, with a lot of parked cars. A driver in a parked car opens the door, causing the motorcycle to hit the car door.

Avoid driving in the right lane, close to a lane with parked cars. A motorcycle rider needs to give a driver in a parked car enough room to open a door.

9. Slippery Roads.

This is commonly oil and diesel on the road. Have good tires on your motorcycle. The tires are the only thing between your motorcycle and the road.

10. Alcohol – involved in about 50% of all motorcycle accidents. Avoid it.

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