Roudup Lawsuits and Chemical Exposure

Roundup is a weed killer produced by Monsanto. Roundup contains “glyphosate.” Presently, there are over 13,400 cases against Monsanto. The plaintiffs claim that the use of Roundup caused them to get cancer. Typically, the claim is that the plaintiffs developed blood cancer, Lymphoma, and that the exposure to roundup caused the cancer.

Interestingly, the International Agency for Research on Cancer found that glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans.

Likewise, the Environmental Protection Agency originally indicated in 1985 that glyphosate is a possible carcinogen (cancer causing agent). However, the Environmental Protection Agency is still doing studies to determine if glyphosate is in fact a cancer causing agent. Due to the Trump administrations hostility to regulation, many people are skeptical of the results of any EPA studies.

Recently, a San Francisco jury found in favor of a plaintiff, in the amount of $289 Million, finding Monsanto liable. In another case, a jury found that glyphosate was a substantial factor in causing cancer to a plaintiff.

Because of the amounts involved, we can expect Monsanto to appeal these jury verdicts. The interesting issues with these cases, is whether or not Glyphosate caused the particular type of cancer which the plaintiffs are suffering.

What the plaintiffs are relying on to prove their cases is the study and findings of the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The study was done with mice, not humans. In the case of tobacco and smoking, there were numerous studies over years which proved a link between tobacco and smoking. I could find not find such further studies proving a causal connection between Roundup and lymphoma (which is not to say that the connection does not exist.).

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