Spousal Immunity – Abolished in Connecticut

Spousal immunity is the doctrine which holds that one spouse (husband/wife) cannot sue another spouse (husband/wife).  The historical reason was that a lawsuit among spouses could destroy a family

Under current law, one spouse has the right to sue his or her spouse or former spouse. See Dzenutis v. Dzenutis, 200 Conn. 290, 294, 512 A.2d 130 (1986) (rule of spousal immunity has been abolished in Connecticut); Silverman v. Silverman, 145 Conn. 663, 666, 145 A.2d 826 (1958).

A common situation is when a spouse (spouse #1)  is hurt in a motor vehicle accident, which is caused by the other spouse (spouse #2).  The injured husband or wife can sue his or her spouse for injuries as a result of the accident.


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