I am seeing more scams with regard to sales of a car or truck.

Often the car or truck is advertised on the internet, such as Facebook.   The truck is advertised in great condition at a good price.   The seller then negotiates the price down.

Watch out if the seller refuses to have the vehicle inspected.   The seller will demand cash or a certified check in return for transferring title to the vehicle, without an inspection.   Once the cash or check is given, the money is gone.  (It can be difficult to collect on a court judgment against the seller).

When the car or truck is inspected, the vehicle may not be drivable, or unsafe to drive.

To protect yourself

  1.  Always ask for a copy of the title certificate.
  2. Make sure that the title is in the name of the Seller
  3. Get the address of the Seller.
  4. Always buy from a local seller.
  5. Check the VIN number on the vehicle, to make sure it matches the title certificate.  (You need to get the VIN number when you individually inspect the vehicle).
  6. Run a Carfax history report
  7. Have the car or truck inspected, by your own mechanic
  8. Determine the value of the vehicle, before deciding to hand over any money.
  9. Never wire money anywhere.   A seller should be able to deliver the vehicle to your door, and a seller should be able to pick up cash or a check in person.
  10. If you don’t trust the seller, ask the seller to meet at the parking lot of the local police station.

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