In many situations, a person will have an insurance claim because of a loss or damage to personal property.

In a common situation, there is a water leak or fire at a residence, which causes substantial damage to household items.   In these situations, a homeowner will need to make an insurance claim.

There are several important things to do to ensure that the claim is promptly handled.  First contact the insurance company to report the claim, and fill out any necessary forms.

Second, you will need to provide an itemization of the items which you claim are destroyed or damaged.    In these situations, it is recommended that you record the loss, using a camera or videotape.    After you have a record of the loss, try to obtain any documents showing the purchase of the items claims.  You want to keep proof of your loss, until your insurance company pays your claim in full.

The pictures and video are proof of your actual loss, and will help prevent a dispute with the insurance company about the extent of your loss (you don’t want to have to argue with an insurance company about which items were lost or damaged).

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