CGS 14-295

In any civil action to recover damages resulting from personal injury, wrongful death or damage to property, the trier of fact may award double or treble damages if the injured party has specifically pleaded that another party has deliberately or with reckless disregard operated a motor vehicle in violation of section 14-218a, 14-219, 14-222, 14-227a, 14-230, 14-234, 14-237, 14-239 or 14-240a, and that such violation was a substantial factor in causing such injury, death or damage to property. The owner of a rental or leased motor vehicle shall not be responsible for such damages unless the damages arose from such owner’s operation of the motor vehicle.

There is an optional award of double or triple damages.

The incident must be a motor vehicle accident.

The injury party must claim that the other party has “deliberately or with reckless disregard operated a motor vehicle” in violation of specified statutes.

The violation of the statute must be a substantial factor in causing the accident.

The statutes are listed below:

Connecticut General Statutes 14-218a – Traveling unreasonably fast. Establishment of speed limits

Connecticut General Statutes 14-219 – Speeding

Connecticut General Statutes 14-222  Reckless Driving

Connecticut General Statutes 14-227a – Operation while under the influence of liquor or drug or while having an elevated blood alcohol content

Connecticut General Statutes 14-230 – Driving in right-hand lane

Connecticut General Statutes 14-234 – Determination of no-passing zones

Connecticut General Statutes 14-237 – Driving on divided highways

Connecticut General Statutes 14-239 – One-way streets. Rotaries or roundabouts

Connecticut General Statutes 14-240a – Vehicles to be driven reasonable distance apart. Intent to harass or intimidate

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