There are many causes of motor vehicle accidents including the following

1.       Distracted Driving.   There are far too many people using cell phones while driving.

Using a cell phone while driving, even with a blue tooth device, increases the risk of an


2.      Speeding.   Speeding increases the distance in which a motor vehicle can be safely

stopped.   It becomes particularly difficult to see another car or person when you are driving

at night.  Therefore, it may be impossible to apply the brakes in time to stop, once a driver

sees another car or person in the road at night. 

3.      Rain.  Rain can create slippery roads, which makes it difficult to stop quickly.

4.      Black Ice.   Ice on the road is treacherous.   Black ice blends into the road surface,

making the ice difficult or impossible to see. 

5.      Failing to fully stop at a stop sign.   Too many people slow down for a stop sign rather

than fully stop.   This is very risky, as a full stop allows a driver to view the intersection,

prior to proceeding further. 

6.      Unsafe Lane Change.   Some people use their side view mirrors to determine if there

is a car behind them, so that they can change lanes.  Unfortunately, there is a blind spot, in

which another car can be located which will not be seen by a rear view mirror.  Therefore,

prior to making a lane change, it is wise to turn your head, to look for a car on the side of

your car.

7.      Improper Turn.   A common situation is a driver turning, when the turn signal is still red,

but the light is green to go forward. 

8.      Fatigue.   This is a problem which commonly occurs at night.  All drivers need to take

time for a rest, if they are too tired to drive.   Rest Stops are available on highways to give

drivers a break. 

9.      Snow.   Today I stayed off the roads because of a storm.  Sometimes, it is simply too

risky to drive when there is snow on the road.  Any amount of snow can make it difficult to

control a car or truck.

10.  Tire Blowouts.   Check the side of your tires for bubbles.  A bubble on a sidewall can be

an indication that your tire may blowout.  If you see anything unusual on a tire, go to a tire

store and get the tire checked.  


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