In most  cases, Chapter 13 is filed to save a home.   Chapter 13 is used to allow a homeowner to catch up on past due mortgage payments.

Chapter 13 allows for a repayment plan.  The repayment plan provides for the following

  1. Payment of the past due mortgage amounts, in a period up to 60 months
  2. Regular current payment of the mortgage
  3. Payment to the trustee
  4. Payment on other debts (this can be from 0% to 100% of the other debt, depending on the type of debt, and disposable income)

Often, the mortgage becomes late (delinquent) because a person loses income, such as from a period of unemployment.

To complete a Chapter 13 plan, a debtor needs to afford to make all regular payments on its normal monthly bills (including a mortgage payment) as well as a Chapter 13 plan payment.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can allow a debtor to stop a foreclosure, to allow a debtor to attempt to catch up on mortgage payments.

If you have any questions about Chapter 13 bankruptcy, please feel free to contact Attorney Singer.

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