Everyone seems to be getting a call from scammers – claiming that you can get a reduced interest rate on your credit card.

Generally, the calls are coming from India. It has become much cheaper to call overseas, with voice over internet protocol (calls over the internet).

Several things for which to watch:

  1.  the call is from an unknown number.  A lot of times the scammers are using a fake number, to make it appear that the phone call is from a local party.
  2. the caller has a foreign accent.
  3. the caller demands that you provide your credit card information over the phone.

In these situations, it is best to immediately hand up the phone.

I have asked the scammers to provide me with a local phone number and I was provided someone else’s phone number.  I have asked for an address to mail information and the scammer refused to provide an address but continued to demand my credit card information.  I have told the scammer that he has an Indian accent and he hung up.

Further information can be found on the Federal Trade Commission Website @

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  1. The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint in federal district court in Orlando to halt an alleged credit card interest-rate reduction scam that, the FTC alleges, deceived numerous consumers struggling with credit card debt.

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