Smoking destroys your health and your budget.  Due to the massive increase in the cost of cigarettes, smoking is a budget buster.  According to, the cost of a pack of cigarettes ranges from a high of about $14 in New York to about $4.96 in Kentucky.  This is just an incredible difference.

Cigarette taxes can cost you over $1,200 more per year, if you smoke in New York, rather than Kentucky.   Smokers need to live in a low tax state.   Living in Connecticut, I am somewhat used to seeing the high prices of cigarettes (over $9 per pack), as the Connecticut politicians have continued to raise cigarette taxes to incredible highs.

For one person with a pack a day habit, in a state such as New Hampshire, the cost of your habit is over $1,825 per year.  Double this amount, if you have two people smoking in the house, or you smoke two packs of cigarettes a day.  Also, if you are in a high sin tax state such as Connecticut, your costs can exceed $3,600 per year.

Personal finance experts don’t seem to like to get involved in personal issues.  However, I will be candid.  Smoking has become both a personal health issue and a personal finance issue.    I understand the difficulty associated with quitting.  But for your overall health, you need to stop.  Don’t let the tobacco companies and sin taxes steal your retirement, by smoking up your retirement funds.

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