Toxic Torts


Have you been exposed to a substance or chemical which you believe has caused you an

injury, illness or disease?


Common toxic tort claims can come from cancer caused by asbestos, tobacco, benzene,

pesticides, and herbicides.   Also, many people become ill due to exposure to mold.

Recently, there have been judgments obtained against Johnson & Johnson for exposure to



Plaintiffs must prove that there is a poisonous substance, which was very toxic.   They must

prove that it belonged to a particular defendant and that it caused the injury.


The complexity of toxic tort cases often relate to proving that:

  1. The plaintiff was in fact exposed to the toxin.
  2. The toxin in fact caused the injury which is alleged.


There are situations in which the plaintiff may believe that he has had exposure to a toxic

substance, such as mold, but be unable to prove that the mold was the agent which caused



Sometimes, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that a particular toxin caused the

injury which a plaintiff is suffering.


You need an attorney who will fully evaluate the unique facts and legal issues related

to your situation.


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